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Happy Poetry Month!

Today’s officially the first day of (National) Poetry Month 🙂 Wish everyone a happy month of poetry reading, writing, and celebration!

The April PAD Challenge

For the past two years, I’ve been trying my hand at the PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge conducted over at Mr. Brewer’s blog, Poetic Asides.

It’s a lot of fun! But it’s not easy to write a poem every day; we can run out of ideas fast, and sometimes, at the end of a long day, we just don’t feel up to it.

I’m going to do my best, over here, too. I’ll put up prompts more often. Hope that helps everyone stay fuelled with ideas!

If you’re trying the challenge, don’t take it too seriously (especially if you higher priorities and you don’t do this for a living) or too lightly (otherwise we’d never get anything done!). Give it your all. If you miss a beat, and couldn’t help it, it’s all right. Just stay motivated and write on! 🙂


Here are a few things that always help me out when I want to do some regular, intense poeming!

– I go all over the place looking for poems. I randomly select poetry collections from the library and borrow them. I surf the net for hours, reading whatever’s out there. The more you read, the more you have to write about! Apart from Poetic Asides, Poets.org and Poets Online are also great communities. I also thoroughly enjoy Mr. Grove’s posts over at How Not to Write – they’re thought-provocative, so I usually leave wanting to write something right away.

– I have a separate notebook for poetry-writing. (I think most writers who write different genres probably do this.) Helps separate my poetry from my regular journal entries, short stories or ideas. I carry this book with me everywhere. It’s usually hard-bound or at least has a hard back cover, so I can write comfortably on any surface (often my lap).

Image– I have a place to jot down prompts. This is usually either the first few or the last few pages of my poetry-writing notebook. The point is to be able to carry the prompts around everywhere (a note-taking app on a phone would work well, too), along with the notebook, of course 😉

– A lot of people like dictating their “writing”, when they’re on-the-go. A voice-recording tool, like an app on a phone or a device itself, would be ideal. I don’t really do this (mostly because it’s still awkward for me to listen to my own voice) but I often end up thinking of how useful it would be if I did, since I come up with most of my stories’ dialogue by, well…talking to myself.

Finally, the crucial step when it comes to writing anything regularly:

Set a scheduled time for writing. Confession: I’m actually terrible at this, but I do my best! When I’m not able to stick to the same timing every day, I try writing for that much time whenever I’m clear for it. It’s a great way to stay regular.


Today’s prompt (sorry I made you wait!)

I wouldn’t sign off on the first day without offering a prompt! But since it is the first day, and all, how about…


You could take that in any spirit. It could be a “new” beginning, a fresh start. It could be the beginning of something after the end of something else. It could even be the beginning of something’s end. Perhaps about a place where something important began, or begins, maybe begins every so often. Let the prompt take you where it will!

A great poetry month, to all! Happy writing! 🙂


the write tools!

Image Courtesy: Google

Notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, pens, pencils, I love ’em all.

I practically hoard stationery items.

And call me crazy, but sometimes I really feel like the pen I use affects my writing!

Do you ever feel like the words flow out easier holding that fancy fat roller ball? Or maybe it’s got to be a good ol’ fountain pen for you? I like gel pens best, mostly because the ink doesn’t smudge and is water-resistant (you can imagine what kind of torture my notebooks go through if I have to search for water-resistant ink!). I prefer 0.5 or 0.7 size nibs, any finer and it’s too fine for me, any thicker and it’s too fat.

How about you? Have you ever thought about your writing instruments at all? Or do you not care; any pen will do, any paper will do?

If I care a tad too much about pens, I’m downright nit-picky about my notebooks. I have to have something just the right size (typically, my happy place is anywhere between A4 and A5) and it has to be of good quality – good enough to withstanding piercing, thick ink, and random wrappers and tokens being pasted all over it.

And I have different notebooks for everythingI have a regular journal, in which I record interesting/important incidents in my life. I have a Writer’s Journal to jot down useful pointers about the craft of writing. A Prompt Book (which has a Coffee theme!). A Poetry Workshop notebook. And finally, a Novel Journal (in which I record my journey of writing any one particular novel – yes, it’s exclusive). And those are just a few of the important ones 😛

Oh, and I also want something more than just good paper and a sturdy cover: it must give me a sense of safety. My Journal is by far the only one that does that (we don’t always get what we want, do we?), but it helps me spill confessions unto its pages, which helps clear my thoughts!

Do you have five or six different notebooks, like that? Or just one fat Mead Five-Star for everything?

This brings me to the prompt (yes, I had one in store): think about your writing tools. Think about how (un)important they are, to you. Write a piece about that. It could be about the proverb, a good craftsman never blames his tools. It could be about how grateful you are to your pen. It could be written from your journal’s point of view! It could be an Ode to my Quill. I once attempted poem on what a writer’s grocery list would look like!

So, off with you, write now!

P.S. Just a note – anything I consider could serve as a prompt for writing, I’ve written in bold, so it doesn’t only have to be what I say is a “prompt”, sometimes it’s all over the page 🙂