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We’ve hit the 1/3-way mark! Writing prompts & an exercise for you.

Hi folks, hope you’ve all been writing strong for the past ten days! We’re already 1/3 way through the challenge ūüôā Let’s keep our energy up and charge ahead!

For today, let’s take up¬†lists.

And, what about lists?

It’s completely up to you to decide what to do with the theme:

  • Use it as a prompt for writing lists of some kind, perhaps in your journal
  • Write a character who is obsessed with making lists for everything
  • Write a story that is written in the¬†format of a list or utilizes¬†listing¬†for its narration
  • Make “lists” a theme in your story–perhaps a metaphor of some kind (things that we remember to list, things we miss out, what really happens thanks to or despite of our lists, etc.)
  • Write a list poem
  • Write a blog post that is a list of pointers/ideas/suggestions
  • Anything else that comes to your mind!

'Think Like a Tree' - a lovely list poem by Karen I. Shragg [Image Source]

Think Like a Tree by Karen I. Shragg [Image Source]

I pulled today’s theme¬†out of the poem I wrote today, which (I only realized after it was done) turned out to be

a list poem! (this lovely one is Think Like a Tree by Karen I. Shragg)

Specifically, it was a list poem about the ways we deal with¬†wounds, and in this case, those caused by¬†love. You’re welcome to use that as another prompt: wounded.

A list poem I wrote a long time ago was about what a writer’s “grocery” list would look like. Notebooks, pens, sachets of inspiration, that sort of thing ūüėČ Feel free to expand on the theme with your imagination here! What does “list” make you think of? What are the most unique or outrageous lists you’ve heard of? What is a¬†powerful list poem you could write today, based on an experience of yours?

A writing exercise!

Here’s a quick writing exercise with list-making:

  • List twelve¬†of your favorite songs.
  • Pull out twenty phrases/lines from these songs totally (up to three¬†lines per song, it’s okay if you don’t use lines from all the songs)
  • Re-write the ideas in these lines with completely different¬†analogies/metaphors/words
    • (Re-write in prose or poetry, depending on what kind of piece you want to write)
  • Is there any way to glue these new segments together?

You don’t absolutely have to glue the segments together; you could choose to put some together and ditch others completely; you could tie them all into one big bundle–it’s up to you.

Just as a note: you don’t ever have to¬†absolutely do anything in any writing exercise, unless you’re trying to write in form. ūüėČ

Hope this helps with your November challenge! Happy writing/poeming folks!


Friday Reflections & Some Prompts for your November Challenge

Hullo, folks! How are your November challenges going? You’re already¬†half-way there! That’s 50%! You’ve done half of it – so you¬†know you’ve got it in you to do another half…don’t stop now! ūüôā

I have to say, I’m doing pretty well so far on my Poem-a-Day Challenge. For the past few days, I’ve been cranking out two poems a day; yesterday I was so inspired, I wrote three! I love it when I’m into a challenge full-swing.

If there’s one thing I could never get enough of during a poetry-writing challenge, I’d vote for¬†prompts. So in addition to today’s Reflections topic, I’ll be listing a handful of prompts towards the end of this post based on the poems I’ve written so far in this month, just in case someone needs the words/sparks to set off their creativity.

Friday Reflections: Peace

I’m sure this dove famously carrying the olive branch would’ve put an idea into your head, but apart from this image, what else do you think of when you read/hear the word “peace“?

Maybe you could come up with a piece explaining¬†why a dove and¬†why an olive branch? It doesn’t have to be logically reasoned – just be creative!

Do you immediately think War,¬†peace talks, treaties,¬†the UN, and the like? In that context, do you believe that “peace” is possible? What exactly would “peace” be – how would you define it? Is it some kind of utopian ideal?

Or does peace mean something closer to home for you?¬†The¬†chaos/peace binary pops out to me every time I think of the word “peace”. It leads me to: finding peace of mind (which recalls that hilarious scene at the beginning of Kung Fu Panda 2 with Master Shifu’s “inner peace“). Peace has different connotations when it comes to martial arts or yoga, as it does with religion (as in phrases such as “peace be with you” or “peace be upon you“).

Also, I’m always envious of people who can¬†write in any kind of atmosphere, because I always need a relatively peaceful surrounding to be able to produce anything worth reading!

There is always, of course, the “peace out” v-sign slang, for which I see great potential in a poem or short story (perhaps as a symbol¬†or¬†refrain), maybe even a novel for characterization.

Go ahead and brainstorm for more ideas and maybe you’ll discover a poem or story along the way! ūüėČ

Prompts for your November Challenge

Here are some prompts based on what I’ve written in this month so far:

Hope that gives you something to write about, if you were looking! Good luck for the rest of the November challenges, folks! And always, always: happy writing ūüôā