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Yes, fellow readers and writers…the blog lives, the fountain still flows!

It had been a ridiculously busy semester for me at college, and it’s been quite a tumultuous half-year on a personal level as well. I sincerely apologize for how dry the fountain has run and hope to keep it flowing hereafter with regular posts once again. 🙂

We’re half-way through May now. I’m sure many of us participated in April’s [(Inter)National Poetry Month] Poem-a-Day-Challenge, or some other unique and challenging poetry-related exercises! The plan was to get this blog active again by April but I was unable to do so. My own April challenge had been a difficult journey for many reasons; still, somehow I saw it through to the end–which reminded me once more of the value of such challenges.

This year, I wasn’t very satisfied with most of what I’d written last month. Yet, satisfactory or not, these poems would never have been born if I hadn’t taken on the challenge and stuck with it. This helped me to produce at least a handful of pieces that I can be proud of, and at least two dozen more that can be revised into better poems eventually. There’s usually something worth salvaging from every experience of writing.

That said, I do hope everyone else also had a productive and enriching April!

Considering that I’d like to bring this blog back to life with today’s post, I thought a suitable prompt would be “revival”.

As usual, you’re open to interpret the prompt as you like. Some other words that popped up in my mind are spring (the season), renewal, revitalize and rebirth. (That’s a lot of r‘s…perhaps you could write an alliterative piece with repeated ‘r’ sounds.) Here’s more for you to work with:

Courtesy: Google

Courtesy: Google

You could write a story about some kind of revival, a physical or emotional one. It could be a poem with revival as a theme, where you try to suggest a wholesome revival of spirit or faith in some way, through various concrete images. Perhaps if you’re not in as positive a mood, you could consider writing about something that cannot or will not be revived.

Here’s musical composition (a personal favorite) that I thought I’d pitch in. You’re more than welcome to interpret it any way you like, or stick with “revival” as your prompt and somehow let the music and the prompt fuel your piece:


Once again, I apologise for the months of inactivity. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported, liked, followed or even just stopped by The Horse’s Fountain to read 🙂 I’ll do my best to post more regularly. Happy writing, folks!


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